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Products & Services

First Aid Staff

Northern Independent Medical Services can provide qualified first aiders at any kind of event, we offer service level agreements with first aiders over an agreed time or as required by you.

Northern Independent First Aiders are not just qualified, all staff undergo an extensive training programme under the supervision of NIMS Emergency Medical Technicians before they attend any event as a first aider, this way we can ensure that our staff have working experience, meaning they are able to deal with cuts and scrapes to Basic Life Support with an AED and everything inbetween.

Emergency Medical Technicians and First Responders

We can provide Emergency Medical Technician’s and Emergency First Responders at events, on an Service Level Agreement or a one off booking in any capacity you need. All staff at this level of training hold IHCD FPOS-I / IHCD FPOS-E certificates and are fully up to date with the latest procedures.

Ambulances and Paramedics/Nurses/Doctors

Northern Independent Medical Services operate ambulances based in Manchester and Blackpool – We cover the all of England and Wales. We can supply ambulances, paramedics, nurses and Doctors to your event. Our Ambulances are split in to different levels, for Events we have Front Line Spec. and HDU Spec. Patient Transport Services coming soon!

Get in Touch

For certified training in First Aid by qualified and experienced training providers & Event Medical Services, call Northern Independent Medical Services Ltd.


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