NIMS First Aid | About Us
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About Us

Mission statement

Northern Independent First Aid Training in Altrincham offers first aid training to businesses and companies, local authorities and private individuals in Manchester and Blackpool and throughout the North of England and the Midlands. Contact our friendly staff for any queries regarding our training courses.

Our mission statement reads, ‘Working together for success, we aspire to satisfy first time every time. We recognise the only way to be successful is if all of our clients are happy with the service they receive from us in all areas. A satisfied client will continue to use our services in the future and refer us to others with confidence.’

Business goals

Our business goals include:


To provide a consistent service which meets our customers’ specifications, demands and needs.


To act with professionalism and integrity at all times.


To achieve maximum performance standards through teamwork and a high standard of training.


To exceed customers’ expectations wherever possible.


To be the best for quality and price on a like for like basis.

Get in Touch

For certified training in First Aid by qualified and experienced training providers & Event Medical Services, call Northern Independent Medical Services Ltd.


07816 992 405